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More than 80 operators, educators and water committee members came together for the third Cuba Network Partner Conference. Read on to learn what they took away from the conference and how they are preparing for the coming year.

Ongoing health education increases the impact a water partnership can have long-term. A struggle we've all faced is how to keep health education going. Read on to see what In-Country Coordinator Yobeth Hebbert shares on how to maximize health within a community.

LWW Director of Education Kendall Cox gives thanks for the mentors who have inspired her over the years and played a role in making Clean Water U an experience that quenches one's thirst for community and active faith.

What do a jazz ensemble and a water partnership have in common? Read on to learn how Director of Education Kendall Cox found inspiration in a Cuban jazz club.

LWW's Director of Education, Kendall Cox, describes how one volunteer can impact an entire community. Read more to find out how Clean Water U prepares everyday people to share God's love in extraordinary ways. And, if you are a member of a water team, read ah...

How does First Presbyterian Church of Greenville, Mississippi fund their Living Waters for the World ministry? By throwing a great party! For the last thirteen years Mardi Gras Madness has brought their community together to help other communities have clean water....

We interviewed John Fleming to get the story on how he started volunteering with Living Waters for the World and why he has expanded his involvement over the years.