Clean Water for All God's Children
Vacation Bible School Curriculum
    "We chose Clean Water for All God's Children because of the unique combination of Bible stories, mission emphasis and environmental science teaching opportunities.

Clean Water for All God's Children is an easy to use curriculum. It could be used for VBS, a retreat theme or Sunday school. We may use it again on Wednesday nights this fall."
      Kathryn Maddy
DCE, First Presbyterian Church
St. Albans, WV
  "The Living Waters for the World VBS program was a wonderful way to teach our children about the importance of helping others.

They thoroughly enjoyed the Bible lessons and were humming the music for several days afterwards.

I highly recommend this curriculum."
    Robin White
VBS Coordinator
Historic Franklin Presbyterian Church
Franklin, TN
    "In July the First Presbyterian Church of Visalia Ca. held a Vacation Bible School using  the Living Waters for the World VBS curriculum, Clean Water for all God’s Children.

Over 100 grade school children attended the week long VBS program. During that week a contest was held to see how many coins the children could bring each day to put towards the cost of a LWW Clean Water filter System. The children were divided into four groups, and the coins that each group brought in were weighed each day. The children in the group with the greatest weight in coins each day received a Bible bookmarker that had been made in Guatemala by friends in churches where systems had been installed in the past. Each day the coins were counted and throughout the week the children delivered more than $100.00 in coins each day.

At the end of the week the children’s parents were encouraged to contribute as well, and when everything was totaled, practically the entire cost of a water system had been collected!
      Mark Vanciel
LWW water team leader
First Presbyterian Church
Visalia, CA
  "The week challenged the kids and adults to think about the ways we use and often times, waste water. They loved the science experiments the best! We went to the creek that runs through town and actually collected a water sample.

Loads of fun and the best part was that a smaller, sister church in our area took the material and used it for their VBS also!"
    Teresa Burns
DCE, First Presbyterian Church
Pulaski, TN
    "The application of spiritual truths to the tangible qualities of water made it possible to teach across developmental stages.

All children were able to understand the importance of helping others have clean water and were more aware of the blessing of and thankful for clean water following the VBS session. The curriculum inspired worship and praise among both children and adults!"
      Donna Burnett
VBS Coordinator
First Presbyterian Church
Birmingham, AL
  "This past summer, our teachers, volunteers and children at Limestone Presbyterian Church (Wilmington, DE) thoroughly enjoyed the Living Waters for the World VBS curriculum. The Christian faith includes an inward journey and an outward journey; Jesus calls us to love God and to love our neighbors. The Living Waters VBS theme helped our children to grow in their love of God as they learned wonderful Bible stories related to water; they also grew in their love of neighbors as they helped to provide clean water to people in need around the world.

Our teachers were very pleased with the five water-themed Bible stories that were included in the curriculum and with the presentation of the materials. There was no need for VBS "gimmicks" that can sometimes confuse childrenójust a beautiful opportunity to share the stories of faith and to see their relevance to Christian life and mission today. Each VBS area leader (Bible story, arts and crafts, music, etc.) had fun using the materials and creatively making them his or her own. For example, as our music leader was preparing for VBS, she started to think about other water-themed songs of faith that she could also include, along with the materials in the planning notebook.

The very low cost of the VBS materials was a gift to our church budget this year, and it allowed us to make a more generous donation to our VBS mission projectóLiving Waters for the World.

We have already recommended the Living Waters VBS curriculum to several local churches, and will continue to encourage congregations to use this helpful resource."
    Carolyn Winfrey Gillette
Co-Pastor, Limestone Presbyterian Church
Wilmington, DE
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